A Third Party Beneficiary Agreement

”c) a beneficiary where there are neither the facts covered in point (a) nor the facts covered in point b). While the Supreme Court agreed with Endurance and dismissed the case, the Court of Appeal set aside. First, the Court of Appeal recognized that while no case in Massachusetts deals with the possibility of a non-contract applying a contractual selection clause for forums, other jurisdictions generally allow it to genuine third-party beneficiaries. The Court of Appeal then said: An example of the third scenario would be that Sandy Joan pays to mow Jane`s lawn. When Jane heard about the deal, she called her usual landscaping company to tell them that she would no longer need her services for the next two weeks. Jane relied on Joan`s promise to Sandy to her detriment, and she was drawn as a beneficiary. Sandy can`t let Joan out of the deal without Jane`s consent. As a general rule, only parties who enter into a contract have the right to go to court and enforce it. The contract establishes a private law relationship between the two parties and one of the parties who signed the contract may claim damages in the event of an infringement.

Others who may be affected by the treaty do not necessarily have the right to go to court if the contract is not respected. A beneficiary can sue the recipient of the promise directly to enforce the promise. (Seaver v. Ransom, 224 NY 233, 120 NE 639 [1918]). A beneficiary is, when a contract is expressly entered into for the donation of a third party, the third party is designated as a beneficiary. The most common contract with beneficiaries is life insurance. As an example of the first scenario, let`s assume that Adam owes Carla $200. Adam and Bertha agree that Adam will paint Bertha`s car, and in exchange, Bertha will pay $200 for Adam`s name.

Adam will notify Carla by e-mail that Bertha will pay her to pay off Adam`s debts. Carla responds to the email by saying, ”Of course, it doesn`t matter to me.” At that time, Carla`s rights as a third-party creditor were guaranteed in the agreement between Adam and Bertha.

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