Exclusivity Agreement Meaning

A common type of exclusive contract involves the sale and purchase of goods in a given geographic area. Most car dealerships work on this basis. A dealer may also have an agreement that limits the brands of vehicles he can sell. A Ford dealer, for example, generally cannot sell vehicles from other automakers. Often, the dealer owner must create another independent company with separate staff and showroom to sell other car brands. Agreements may also contain clauses limiting supply opportunities. For example, a distribution agreement between a soft drink supplier and the manufacturer may require the seller to purchase the product only from the bottling plant, when he can purchase it from wholesalers. The agreement must allow the buyer to conduct continuous research, investigations and due diligence on the part of other interested buyers. It prevents a seller from negotiating with another party for a certain period of time, the so-called exclusivity period.

For entrepreneurs looking for ways to strengthen or grow their businesses, an exclusive agreement with another powerful player in the market or outside their market can have a significant impact on the capabilities of both companies. This type of strategic business partnerships is common and sometimes officially documented in the form of an exclusivity agreement. Exclusive agreements are often between a company and a major supplier or other major supply chain partner or with a leader in another market. Both parties aim for a specific strategic objective by combining the best performing parts of their businesses. This is an interim agreement between the buyer and the seller at the beginning of a transaction for the sale and purchase of a property. This usually includes a timetable for the delivery of securities documents by the seller, a timetable for the buyer to make applications and an obligation for both parties to call on their lawyers. A creditor may grant a partner the exclusivity of interested parties to give them enough time to start a sales process on a list of target companies. The seller may revoke this exclusivity after a certain period of time and assign it to another partner. To encourage the registration of deals, incentives such as commissions or better product discounts can be used. Another type of contract, which often contains exclusivity clauses, involves the representation of artists or athletes by agents. For example, an agreement between a basketball player and an agent could provide that the player may not be represented by any party other than the agent if he is dealing with basketball teams and advertisers.

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