Karingal Enterprise Agreement

When a worker`s day off is a public holiday, another day is set by mutual agreement between the worker and the employer, which must be taken in place of the worker, the day to be taken as part of the same or the next weekly work cycle. This agreement was only reached by union members like you, who intervened and fought for a better deal – good for all members for your hard work, you did a good job! 11.6.5 (b) The employer and the worker agree on the period during which the worker has the right not to be available to participate in the work. In the absence of an agreement, the employee is allowed not to be available to participate in the work for up to 48 hours (or two days) per occasion. The casual worker is not entitled to a payment for the duration of the non-participation. 18.2.3 By mutual agreement, a worker may accumulate the normal working time of one week, calculated on the total calculated duration of the work. 17.6.3 Under the flexible working hours provisions, start-up and end-of-service periods are subject to an agreement between the employer and the worker. Any full-time worker who works under the work arrangement under this clause is entitled to an unpaid meal of 30 minutes to one hour per day. A full-time job cannot work more than five hours without unpaid meals. By mutual agreement, part-time work may forego an unpaid food break, provided that he is forced to take an unpaid meal break each day when he works more than six hours without interruption.

20.6.4 On an appointment between an employer and an individual worker, the worker may have access, above the limit set at 20.6.3, to an additional amount of his personal leave accumulated for the purposes indicated at 20.6.1. In these circumstances, the employer and the worker agree on the additional amount that can be accessed. 7. THE ENTREPRISE FLEXIBILITY (cf.s.113A and 113B of the law)If an employer or worker wishes to reach agreement on how to vary the allocation of the company or workplace so that the company or workplace can operate more efficiently according to its particular needs, the process is as follows: the Fair Work Commission can also help employers and workers who negotiate with its ”New Approaches” program. Learn more about the new approaches on the Fair Labour Commission website. 17.5.3 Days/breaks are taken in accordance with the rolling chart. However, at the initiative of the employer or worker, this leave may be deferred at the initiative of the employer or worker and by mutual agreement between the employer and the worker, or in exceptional or emergency situations, in which case it is withdrawn as soon as possible. 14.12.2 Increases made in accordance with the previous principles of the national wage case or the current declaration of principle, with the exception of those resulting from enterprise agreements, should not be used to compensate for arbitrating security adjustments. 7.1 A consultation mechanism and procedures tailored to the size, structure and needs of the company or workplace will be put in place.

The Victorian Disability Service (NGO) Agreement 2019 (MEA) has been approved by the Fair Work Commission and you have a new enterprise agreement! 17.2.1 Subject to 17.2.2 and 17.2.4 below, normal hours are made for a worker within a certain twelve-hour range, with the twelve-hour spread indicated varying between 6.00 .m.

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