Marbles Credit Card Agreement

For customers who are having difficulty being accepted for a credit card, such as those new to the UK, with low income, self-employed or without or without bad credit. Interest is calculated daily on your balance at the fixed rate specified in your credit agreement, from the date we send you the money until you reseed your entire loan. Every day of payment, monthly interest is applied to your account. We report missed payments to reference credit agencies. This can have a negative impact on your credit rating, which can make it more difficult or more expensive to get credits in the future. The card is available with limited premiums, but benefits from free SMS messages to help customers stay abreast of a UK customer support line and online account management. With Mastercard, your marble credit card is accepted at more than 35 million seats and 600,000 cash points worldwide. If you use your marble card abroad, you pay a non-sterling transaction fee each time. If you withdraw cash abroad, you also pay cash. These fees are displayed on the front of your return with the exchange rate. To be eligible for a marble credit card, you must: You will receive an immediate response. If the answer is that you are likely to be accepted for a card, then you can fill out the application form online. Yes, we will change the terms of your credit agreement so that you do not have to pay during the 3-month payment ban.

Payments are added at the end of your repayment period. This means that your loan period is longer. We will provide a new payment plan if we confirm that payments will stop. The marbles are part of NewDay, which includes the credit card companies aqua and Opus. NewDay was launched in 2001 to fund clients with poor or no credit history. As part of the Mastercard network, the marble credit card is accepted at more than 35 million sites worldwide. If you have opened a second loan, each loan is subject to a separate credit contract. This means that each loan has a separate repayment plan, with potentially different interest rates, monthly repayment amounts and payment maturities. For every loan you have with us, you can rely on separate financial statements and you must make separate monthly payments. Although it doesn`t offer any real benefits, it is more than ”Stepping Stone” card suitable for those with a limited credit history.

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