Rothschild Family Agreement

XIV. If, during the duration of this social contract, disputes were to arise between the partners over the interpretation of all this, thus, the partners, like the grateful sons, are subject in advance to the judgment of Mr. Meyer Amschel Rothschild, and if – but God may forbid it – Mr. Meyer Amschel Rothschild had to leave before the expiry of the contract, they will want here, without recourse to judicial procedure, to count all the inconsistencies of two undecideds and, if necessary, of a president chosen by those parties; it also undertakes to respect the findings of the arbitrators in all respects. This Anglo-French treaty was negotiated in late 1915 and early 1916 between Sir Mark Sykes and François Georges-Picot, with the primary agreements being established by draft form in a joint memorandum of 5 January 1916. [73] [74] Sykes was a British Conservative MP who had become a position that had a significant influence on British politics in the Middle East, beginning with his seat on the De Bunsen Committee in 1915 and his initiative to create the Arab Office. Picot was a French diplomat and former consul general in Beirut. [75] Their agreement defined the spheres of influence and control proposed in West Asia if the Triple Entente succeeded in defeating the Ottoman Empire during World War I[76] by dividing many Arab territories into British and French-managed territories. In Palestine, an internationalization was proposed[76][77] with the form of administration, which should be confirmed after consultations with Russia and Hussein; [76] The January draft established Christian and Muslim interests, and that ”members of the Jewish community around the world have a conscientious and sentimental interest in the future of the country.” [74] [78] [k] In the early 19th century, the Bank of London of the Rothschild family played an important role in the management and financing of the subsidies that the British government granted to its allies during the Napoleonic Wars. By creating a network of agents, couriers and shippers, the Bank was able to make funds available to the Duke of Wellington`s armies in Portugal and Spain, thus financing the war. The provision of other innovative and complex financing for government projects has been an essential pillar of the Bank`s activity for most of the century. Nm.

The financial capacity of Rothschild and Sons in the City of London became such that in 1825/26 the Bank was able to supply enough coins to the Bank of England to avoid a liquidity crisis. XII. In the event that one of the partners is to die during the term of an existing contract, they have several times the obligation to support the business and its credit with the utmost certainty and instead of a physical oath, since after many requests, they are convinced of their accuracy, neither their wives, nor their heirs, nor the possible guardians of their children, on the pretext that things are always so, to consult the business books and correspondence. , they should also not be satisfied with profits, stock stocks or the abophagus of demonstrations, or harass the company in one way or another through litigation, but should be satisfied with the latest balance sheet to be presented to them by other partners and should consider the result as their only real share of the money and activity; and no less the partners agree that if one of them were to happen anything, to bring power contrary to this balanced trade agreement, he is liable to a sentence of 24,000 thalers of 24 years to pay within 24 hours of a first legal action, without further prosecution, in favor of the new correctional facility there and for the good of the Jewish Hospital, and he is not even heard by any lawyer before the actual count of the same person.

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