Sfc Frr Tenancy Agreement

New treatment of debts arising from leases. An AST may exclude the amount of debts recorded under its lease (for premises used for the exercise of a regulated activity) up to the amount of its assets recorded from the lease that is not included in its liquid assets, its filing commitments and the calculation of its required variable liquid capital. This amendment will reduce the additional burden resulting from the implementation of the new accounting standard, which requires underwriters to account for almost all leases on the balance sheet. 3.7 Without our prior written permission, do not share the components of the Site itself or on the website that download, publish, publish, publish, transfer, reproduce or somehow reproduce information obtained on the website or create works derived from it. Updated haircut percentages. Discount percentages for certain types of securities and investments are updated to better reflect their market risks. For example, the percentage of haircut for eligible and recognized SFC money funds is reduced from 20% to 5%, while the percentage of haircut for euro Stoxx 50 Index constituent shares is reduced from 20% to 15%. If an LC has proprietary assets with reduced discount percentages, it is possible to calculate more liquid assets from those assets. Content from other websites, services, goods or advertisements that may be linked by the website is not maintained or controlled by Deacons. Deacons is therefore not responsible for the availability, content or accuracy of other websites, services or goods that may be linked or promoted by the Site. Deacons no: Information may contain information provided by third parties or from our news agencies, business sources, press releases or other references or sources. You agree to defend, compensate and retain our employees, agents, senior executives, directors, contractors, suppliers and other representatives free of any debts, damages, claims, claims, expenses and expenses (including legal fees) related to or because of your violation of these Terms of Use and/or your Use of the Site.

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