Separation Agreement Flat Fee

While many, if not most, legal cases are unpredictable and can vary considerably in their costs, some issues are appropriate for the billing of flat fees. At Wolseley Law, we try to make things as transparent as possible for customers. The themes on this page are those that we are considered reasonably consistent in how they progress and as such, can be made available to customers on a flat-rate basis. This flat-rate service includes a review of the agreement by a lawyer and a meeting with you to discuss the agreement. During the meeting, the agreement will be explained and legal advice will be provided. The fee also includes a signing meeting if necessary. This service is for couples who are starting the separation process – who have or may have a somewhat controversial relationship. The lawyer will work with you when developing a separation agreement to introduce your spouse. The lawyer will also negotiate with your spouse for all proposed changes. There are two pricing options for the complex separation agreement.

The first is a unique package that starts as low as 2,500.00 USD. The second option is to sign an hourly billing contract, where you pay the lawyer`s hourly rate. There is no maximum or minimum fee; You pay for the number of hours you have spent on your case. They should file a refundable down payment and will then be billed throughout the process. Some clients considering separation or divorce are happy to seek advice and do not return to the business months or even years later to continue the process. And some decide to stay in the relationship, but are armed with knowledge of the likely legal outcomes if one of the partners is to go. Sometimes, when a divorce is uncontested, the parties are tempted to represent themselves instead of hiring a lawyer. However, our package is a good alternative for these customers, as it offers the following benefits: We are happy to offer you many of our services in general – so you will never have to worry about being charged for every call or email, and you should be comfortable spending as much time as possible with us to fully understand all your rights. commitments and options.

Another way to reduce your costs is to use unbundled legal services. Whether you`re on trial or not, you can decide that you only need help on a particular aspect of your case, for example. B for the establishment of a financial statement or parent contract. Dissociating legal services means that you only pay the lawyer to do a certain part of your case rather than dealing with it all from start to finish. To start the process, you must complete an information sheet, complete a separation contract, sign and return a service contract, all available on this downloadable page. They can be returned by email, fax (919-400-4593) or mail (to P.O. Box 20071, Raleigh, NC 27619). Payment can be made online by credit card here or by cheque. A time can also be arranged for you to provide your papers and payment with the lawyer if you wish. You understand that your divorce will not be concluded until one year after your separation Many people need help to develop their separation plan, and that is why your lawyer is here. The easiest way is to reach an agreement with your spouse on issues such as custody and access for children, custody of children, custody of spouses and division of marital property. If you can do that and you have what is called an undisputed divorce, we will design the undisputed divorce and we will provide you with the court documents necessary to obtain the undisputed divorce, for a lump sum of $1499 plus HST.

The second service is the undisputed separation agreement or a simple separation agreement.

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