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16. Is it difficult to reach agreements with so many service providers? While it has been difficult to reach agreement on the old regulation, given that negotiations between stakeholders are lengthy, the new regulations can use RIOs, both by broadcasters and MSOs, as a basis for the implementation of interconnection agreements, so agreements in a new framework are very simple. As far as the MIA/SIA is concerned, few changes have been made because the same format has already been made available. II. Broadcasting and Cable (Addressable Systems), 2017: publication of the offer of reference connections (RIO) by broadcasters within 60 days; Publication of the Interconnected Reference Offer (IRO) by distributors within 60 days; Signing interconnection agreements within 150 days; Distributors are allowed to sign and broadcast the RIO published by each channel and are treated as a binding agreement. The regulations clearly state that MSO should provide a copy of the interconnection contract to LCO and recognize it within 15 days of the contract`s execution date. LCOs must require a copy of the MSO agreement if it is not received within the time limit. LCOs are important stakeholders in the Digital Addressable Cable System value chain. The regulation provides sufficient flexibility and freedom for the parties to enter into reciprocal agreements on responsibilities and revenue share within the meaning of the partnership agreement. However, in order to protect the interests of consumers and service providers and to ensure that signals are not disrupted due to disputes between service providers, TRAI has imposed a recidivism agreement between DSB and LCO in the standard interconnection contract only if mutual discussions fail. 44. Don`t LMOs receive a signed copy of the mSO agreement? In addition to pricing, the regulator also communicated the interconnection and quality of service contracts, which govern agreements and the closing structure between broadcasters and other stakeholders, as well as the quality of service offered to subscribers. Broadcasters must only enter into agreements with distributors on the basis of rio.

Reciprocal negotiations on the RIO are not allowed. – the balance of a 49% interest in India Webportal Private Limited , a joint venture company, of its existing shareholders and therefore to a wholly owned subsidiary of the company; The new framework will provide a guaranteed revenue structure for MSO and LCO as part of the network capacity levy. Other LcOs have the flexibility to negotiate their share of revenue with MSOs according to the structure provided by MIA. The new framework does not change the market structure that has existed since March 2016 under the MIA/SIA regime. The underlying Standard Interconnect Agreement (SIA) reduces the risk of LcOs that may result from a delay or failure of negotiations. In previous regimes (before the MIA/SIA structure), such delayed/failed negotiations could result in a blackout. However, the availability of a sia withdrawal mechanism protects LTO/consumers` interests from any possibility of signal failure or shutdown. If you compare the two plans, the new plan provides a fair share of revenue.

It should be noted that network capacity charges apply to the total number of channels subscribed by the subscriber, which increases network capacity costs as the participant chooses more channels beyond the 100 channels. In addition, the LCO receives its share of wage channel rates in the form of a distribution fee of 20% of the MRP to be shared with MSO.

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