Aircraft Brokerage Agreement

And don`t let the broker act as a lawyer who provides a sales contract and negotiates. Find your own aviation lawyer. This Air Brokerage Agreement (”Agreement”) is effective from the date it is electronically agreed upon, as described below by and between Louie, LLC DBA ”Fly Louie”, a Delaware limited liability company with its registered office at 325 Hudson St. New York, NY, 10013 (hereinafter referred to as ”Fly Louie”) and the natural and legal person, who confirms his consent electronically as indicated below (hereinafter referred to as ”customer”). A classic problem in choosing an aircraft agent is the size of the organization. A large brokerage with offers for 30 jets seems to completely surpass a one-person store. But at least if you call a person`s shop, you know who you`re getting. On the other hand, if you call the big operation, you may find yourself being expelled to a junior employee – the same one with whom potential buyers of your aircraft can talk. If you`ve chosen a broker based in part on how well you`ve intergated with someone, you might want to make sure he or she personally handles the sale of your plane.

Moreover, the intermediation of competing aircraft is not the only conflict of interest that a broker can have. Consider whether the broker also represents jet buyers or is active in the Jet-Appraisal business. These activities can also create conflicts for the broker. I remember talking to a salesman who, after months of languishing in the market, was finally desperate to receive an offer. another client of his own broker. (”How should I evaluate this offer?” the seller asked.) One of the reasons why you should ask for suggestions from multiple brokers is the comparison of brokerage fees and marketing expense management. You may want to negotiate your own fee agreement. Instead of agreeing to pay $150,000 to the broker, regardless of the sale price, you could for example offer to pay on a sliding scale: $130,000 at price X and $170,000 at price X + Y. 4.

Operation: The carrier and the captain of the aircraft are authorized to take all necessary measures to ensure safety. It must have sufficient discretion and discretion to decide whether to depart from the indicated route and where to make alternative and/or immediate landings. These findings are binding on the customer and all passengers. Fly Louie does not control the operation of the airline, which is the sole responsibility of the airline under the applicable FARs, and Fly Louie is not responsible for the operation, actions and obligations of the airline. Prior to departure, Fly Louie will make it clear to its customers who has operational control of the flight(s) and any changes it is experiencing in operational control. . . .

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