Arguing About Alliances The Art Of Agreement In Military-Pact Negotiations

In a book that combines the origins of The Alliance by Stephen Walt and Glenn Snyders Alliance Politics, two classic works on alliances, Poast identifies two conditions that lead to a no-deal: large incompatibilities in the participants` internal war plans and attractive alternatives to a negotiated agreement for different parties to the negotiations. As a result, Arguing about Alliances focuses on a group of states largely ignored by scientists: states that have tried to form alliance agreements but failed. Poast proposes that, in explaining the results of negotiations, in particular how they can end without an agreement, we must pay particular attention to the functions of war planning and coordination of alliance agreements. By examining the results of the negotiations resulting from the negotiations of the European Alliance between 1815 and 1945, Poast offers a typology of alliance negotiations and identifies the conditions most likely to hinder the attempt to formalize the recognition of common national interests. ”This book is a remarkable and valuable contribution to the exploration of alliances.” ”There are many studies on how countries negotiate military alliances. Arguing over alliances is unique in that it investigates the failure of negotiations and alliances that have not been formed. » Learn more about the Kindle Personal Document Service. ”Paul Poast shows how studying international alliances and international conflicts in general can benefit from understanding if states do not agree on an alliance. Poast`s work is exemplary. ”Arguing over alliances is an intelligent reinterpretation of a central issue in international relations – the origin of alliances. This book is not only an important theoretical and empirical contribution to the Alliance and the wider RI literature; It is also an example of how multimetehodic social science research is conducted and communicated. To send this article to your Kindle, first make sure add to your list of approved personal documents under your personal document settings on the Manage your Amazon account page. Then enter the ”Name” part of your Kindle email address below. Learn more about sending to your Kindle. Learn more about sending to your Kindle.

”The alliance debate is an essential argument for the need to understand the context in which alliances are negotiated and advances the literature.” Why do some attempts to make alliance agreements fail? From the inability of the European powers to form an alliance that would end Hitler in the 1930s to Ukraine`s current inability to join NATO, states often attempt, but do not make alliances. At Arguing about Alliances, Paul Poast sheds new light on the purpose of alliance agreements by recognizing that such contracts come from negotiations and that negotiations can lead to failure. Please, at any time during the previous thirty-six months, waive all taxes and subsidies, employment, consultations, co-ownership or close relations with organizations whose interests may be affected by the publication of the response. . . .

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