Basis Of Agreement

Let A c be the expected value on the basis of a random chord alone and A has the expected value on the basis of a complete chord, i.e. A a = max{A0}. The final phenomenological classification was made on the basis of an agreement between the evaluators. Samples were given a definitive interpretation of negative, acute, past infection or uncertainty based on the concordance between the results of the three trials used. If the discourse is addressed to a specialized group – such as a group of philosophers, jurists or theologians – the basis of the concordance will be more specific. It is likely that some long-standing irritations between the two sides on human rights, trade and proliferation issues can now be resolved more reliably on the basis of agreements negotiated by Mr. Clinton: The conditions for China`s accession to the World Trade Organization; its published promises to limit nuclear and, more recently, missile exports. The service operates in a strictly legitimate manner on the basis of agreements with broadcasters and copyright. Ultimately, this approach should serve as the basis for agreements between Israel and Syria and Israel and Lebanon.

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