Czs Learning Agreement

Confirmation and contract Your excursion, zoological cards and a contract for a school group visit will be sent by e-mail after the online booking process. The contract establishes an agreement on the conditions of your visit between the zoo and your school. Read it carefully, sign it and bring it on the day of your visit with the booking confirmation. Please have a copy for each vehicle. Please note that the confirmation will be automatically sent to the email address indicated in the reservation, and this will be the only confirmation. Please check your spam folder, as these emails are often filtered. If you have any questions or do not receive this confirmation, please send an email to Groups of adult supervising children (PreK-12) who attend the zoo must have adequate adult supervision in a ratio of at least one adult per 10 students. Medical dismissal form It is recommended that teachers and group caregivers have emergency contact numbers and a signed medical waiver statement for each child under the age of 18, so that the teacher can give permission to receive medical treatment. Click the button below to find a sample medical release form.

Download Sample Medical Release Form Food Please note that there is no food storage and external caterers are not allowed at the Brookfield Zoo. Complete the e-learning agreement in the same way that you would complete the document The learning agreement contains the learning activities/courses that the student must complete during their studies at the host institution. It is a list of courses that must be approved and signed by all three parties. Before arriving at Masaryk University, the student is required to receive a grant under the Erasmus+ programme on the basis of a signed financial agreement. The student may apply for increased financial assistance to students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, provided that he presents before his departure a document certifying that he is entitled to family allowances and that the income of the family determining for the benefit of the previous year has not exceeded the product of the family minimum and a coefficient of 2.7. . .

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