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Federal Judge Ann Marie McDonald ruled that the agreement violated a section of the Canadian Charter of Rights that states that laws or acts of state that affect liberty and security must respect the principles of fundamental justice. Experts said the suspension of the agreement would have a huge impact on Canada-U.S. A relationship. In addition to the exemption criteria provided for in the agreement, refugee claimants must continue to meet all other admission criteria of the relevant immigration legislation for the country in which they are applying for status. While refugee claimants entering Canada at official crossing points are generally returned to the United States, they are not returned when crossing at locations between designated ports of entry. In this case, their claims are heard and many immigration experts consider this to be a gap in the agreement. [6] [7] The Safe Third Country Agreement is an agreement between the governments of Canada and the United States to better manage the influx of refugee claimants at the shared land border. Ahmed Hussen, who was speaking for IRCC as a Canadian minister, said the conditions of the safe third country agreement remained met. Canada`s ruling Liberal Party has not communicated any plans or intentions to suspend the agreement. [21] Beginning in February 2017, more and more refugee claimants began crossing the Canadian border at locations other than official border inspection points. consider each other ”safe” for asylum seekers and countries where potential refugees are subject to a fair decision-making procedure for their claims. Conventions relating to safe third countries are not explicitly mentioned in the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees or in the 1967 Protocol relating to the Status of Refugees. .

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