Where Do I Find My Flexirent Agreement Number

The Micah Law Centre, a not-for-profit law firm, postulated in a 2007 report[18] that consumer lease financiers, including Flexirent, were attempting to circumvent Australian consumer protection laws that apply to credit agreements, citing complex and misleading final ownership clauses. Problems were also raised with the high cost of agreements and their marketing to low-income consumers. [Citation required] If you want to terminate the contract prematurely, there are a number of options. At the end of the contract, the customer is granted a number of options. The return of the device in perfect condition allows the customer to leave the contract or start a new one (the latter is possible within the last three months of the contract, provided that it is equal or higher). Alternatively, at the end of the contract, the customer can negotiate to purchase the equipment directly. [6] Please note that fees may apply when using these options. Better use of your valuable working capital elsewhere in your business to finance growth If it becomes difficult for your business to meet your repayment obligations, we can offer you the following options: Flexirent first worked with Harvey Norman in 1995 to offer rental financing to its business clients. In 1998, the service was offered to private clients to finance the technology and electrical appliances. [12] When Flexirent switched to the ASX in 2006, much of its business was related to its no-interest offer with Harvey Norman. [13] The product is now actively marketed in stores. Many have criticized the total cost of ownership associated with ”flexirenting.” A special case highlighted in a press release titled ”Flexirent Deals Require A Long Hard Look” from the ACT`s Regulatory Services Bureau was a customer who purchased a laptop with an extended warranty and computer support for 2450 Australian dollars. The customer had to pay AUD 4,246.56 out of an annual price of 3.56, which equates to an interest rate of about 40%.

This is not an unusual case and can be verified by entering the appropriate data into Flexirent`s online quote calculator. Despite the high equivalent interest rates, the terms of a consumer lease stipulate that the customer only has the right to use it and is not the owner of the device to be rented. According to the final terms of flexirent, in order to be the full owner of the equipment, a customer must negotiate a price (indicated in the contract) with Flexirent at the end of the contract, which has the right to accept or reject an offer. [16] [17] Upgrade to the latest technology at the end of the term so you don`t get stuck with outdated equipment To apply, call us seven days a week on 0800 444 827. Applications are quick and take about 10 minutes to verify your eligibility for tax deductions, as they can be treated as operating costs Select the category that best represents your application and complete each field.* Designates mandatory fields *Subject to approval and terms and conditions and in case of upgrading our internal credit criteria. Flexirent was introduced in 1993 as a financial service for digital mobile phones. .

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